Adoption Center
Thursday, August 06, 2020

About Us

The Adoption Center is staffed by three attorneys, Robison R. Harrell, Alice H. Murray, and Sallie Norris. All are licensed to practice in Florida. 

The Adoption Center has processed private adoptions for more than 30 years. In a private adoption, as opposed to an agency adoption, prospective adoptive parents work directly with one or more of our licensed attorneys. We can assist with all types of adoptions, including infant, stepchild, grandchild, relative, adult, foreign, etc.

Most of our time is spent assisting prospective adoptive parents desiring to adopt a child, usually an infant, who is not their blood relative. In these types of adoptions, we do extensive advertising to locate babies/children to be placed with prospective adoptive families. However, if you desire to place an individual advertisement to locate a child, we will coordinate placement of the ad at no charge. Under Florida Law, it is illegal for prospective adoptive parents to advertise their desire to adopt a child without going through an attorney or agency licensed by the State of Florida. The attorney’s or agency’s license number must appear in every ad.

Many families retain us to assist them in adopting a child that they have already located. After a child is identified, either by us or the prospective adoptive parents, we serve as the "adoption entity" to coordinate legal and physical placement of the child with prospective adoptive families. Following placement of the child in the prospective adoptive home, we initiate and process court proceedings to terminate parental rights and finalize adoptions.